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Background about Onnie

BRANDER (Pty) Ltd t/a Marce Botswana
REG NO: 2008/6938

Plot 20597, Unit 7, Broadhurst
P O Box AE 714 AEH, molapo crossing
Tel: + 267 3939925
Fax: +267 3937161


Who is Onnie? Align this question with regards to your upbringing, siblings –whether the boys had influence in getting you interested in the Science Club


Ans: Onneile Onnie Nyame is a young Motswana lady born and raised at Mmadinare and got married at Maun by Mr Bonewang Nyame. I am a first born of three with two brothers. I am a mother of two boys (13 and 3).I didn’t grow up with my brothers but rather raised by my grandmother who wanted me to be a nurse when I grow up.


Name the one thing you’ve always wanted to be when growing up

Ans: I wanted to have my own salon when I grow up. I started hair dressing at a tender age, always do my cousins hairs.


(You could tell us about your role as a mother, wife, sister, and any other community projects undertaken by Marce”)

Ans: Running a business like Marce is not a child play, more especial if you are a mother and wife.It strains a lot as I have to always run around and travel a lot that leaves me with less time for the family. Luckily I have a lovely husband who most of the time play a role of mum and dad while im away on business trip.

Marce has been sponsoring Inter Fire Games from 2013 up to date. These games are played by fire fighters around Botswana every year. They change the hosting place every year.

This year Marce also sponsored Diretse Tough & Dirty Challenge which is hosted by Itse Mageba in Gaborone on the 31st of April 2016.


In terms of educational background, which subjects did you excel in during the years of schooling?

Ans: My best subject was Maths


How did you fair in areas of Maths and Science and did these subjects influence you go into this area? Here you can take us through the though process, perhaps the role of a mentor you have been exposed to, it could be a family member, teacher, or something

Ans: This two subjects helped a lot .I was good in Maths and husband excellent in Science. Before I met my Mentor which is Peter Mbada, I always got the motivation from my husband. Each time when things are difficult and not going well, he will tell me that ``For you to succeed in business you have to fall many times, but never give up. Always dust yourself off and try again’’.

Then I got a chance to meet my mentor (PETER MBADA).I was always reading his books. After having a meeting with him, I jokingly offered him a job, and to my surprise he agreed. That’ s when we started working together .I am good with Maths and he is good with (Engineering)Science, so I saw that fitting to hire someone who can motivate and encourage me time and again.


For the number of years in what many consider to be a male nominated sector, did you ever meet challenges and what has been those challenges.

Ans:With this kind of business they are so much challenges as most people don’t believe this kind of sector can be run by a lady more especial at my age, they don’t believe that I can bring out good results.Other challenges that I have are people stealing my projects behind my back and get away with it.


What has been the role of your male counterparts throughout this journey?

Ans: males that I am working with have been supportive and motivational. They have never judged or undermine my decision. Most of the time I am given a chance to make a final decision. My husband is also supportive as sometimes he accompanies me to the office when I am working late and on deadlines. He is one of people that keep me going.


What is your general perception with regards to women in business leadership, do you see Botswana women actively taking up the roles?

Ans:Most of Batswana woman are coming up and slowly we will get there. Now woman knows that whatever man can do they can do it better. Even though the number of ladies in parliament has gone down but in business sector it is rising day and night. And I believe more are still coming


In your view, what are the reasons women don’t take up decision making roles in the corporate sector?

Ans:Most women are scared of rejected and being undermined.


As a woman, do you often feel the need to commit, work harder to get validation from your male colleagues?

Ans:I always and will always work harder for that.


Where do you see Marce in the future?

Ans: Marce is a growing business. In the next 5 years I want to see Marce manufacturing Fire Engines (trucks) local in our Botswana workshop. With our recent introduced turnkey project. I want to see it being able to contract fire stations. With this project I will be working hand in hand with local construction companies to build fire station. In few words Marce Botswana is going places.


What is your favourite book/autobiography?


Choose between the two

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

Ans: Donald Trump

Send a gift to homeless child or indulge in a box of chocolate?

Ans:Send a gift to homeless child

Happy nice family or a successful business

Ans:Happy nice family

A word or 2 about

1.       the infamous ESP?

Ans: As this project is more into constractions I hope most woman took advantage of it .ESP is a once off project I hope in the near future they will consider making it a 2/3 years contract with companies, so that it benefit most sectors for a longer period.

2.       Women Empowerment

Ans: It helps and motivates each other.We ladies like to learn from others, so when we come together in meetings and conferences we learn a lot and get inspired by other successful woman,that alone motivate others because if you hear someone giving out a testimony you just say` if that lady can do it, so can I’’


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