Trade Missions

Source Africa

In order to enhance the apparel, textile and footwear sector in Botswana, Source Africa has become a linkage between buyers, manufacturers, suppliers and investment in the manufacturing capacity in Africa.

This is one of the events in which WIBA members actually meet with relevant network of associates for their businesses which usually in return they benchmark, start to supply big orders as much finding a reliable and cheaper materials suppliers. 

This forum is enhanced by the use of the AGOA trade agreement. It attracts high calibre visitors during the seminar.
This trade mission brings our members closer to trade associations, retail buyers that come from Africa, United States, Canada and East Europe.


Women Innovation Trade Fair (WITF)

The WITF Showcase is a platform enabling women to have greater economic impact in society. This platform will bring together women in entrepreneurship and business from all spheres, locally and internationally, with a common interest to improve lives.

The WITF will ignite networks to stimulate and assist women to become more successful through economic empowerment, social change, and more visible acknowledgement for their vital role in today’s society. In order to harness the power of women network, Mhani Gingi is an organisation that aims to promote unity among women, especially since women have a lot more responsibilities when it comes to building families and their communities.

With this event WIBA members had an opportunity to showcase their products/services, network and benchmark from other women.


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