Capacity Building Programs

The main objectives of this initiatives were:               

1. Lobby to have WIBA members possess a group account and at the same time utilize the professional expertise from the banking institution in areas of financial wealth and investment

2. Launch of the WIBA membership and loyalty card.


While this age old concept has been most commonly associated with women, WIBA has created an enabling environment where women engage with one another about business ideas that can go beyond just buying one another groceries. March 12, marked this event within the WIBA Calendar in which women from different groups came in to learn from those that have already achieved so much using the power of numbers.

Bringing their experiences to the table are the Club 10 members and this include Ms. Dorcas Kgosietsile and Sally Pillar. Complimenting these efforts was the presence of Barclays Bank, an institution that has so far made a provision for this segment of women who would like to have more streams of income. To date, new Motshelo groups have also emerged since the launch of Motshelo. For more institutional insight in expanding your groups shared goals, feel free to ask for reference points from WIBA.

WIBA would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting this initiative: 





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