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Has been in informal business since 1992, doing it part –time whilst working. Started by joining International Companies which sells perfumes and make up, household goods,health e.t.c. (Delance, Avon, Avroy Shlain, Tupperware , GNLD).

In 2003 I decided to go in to business fulltime, that’s when Shirlron Dry Cleaners was formed and was financed by CEDA,business didn’t do well until 2006 when it was shut down, and there I was back seeking employment again, and was hired by SADC in 2006 as an Admnistrator until 2010 when I decided to quit and go oversees for further studies and came back in end of 2011.

I started a cleaning business called Cleaning Guru. 2012 January was already in operation. Im also the director and shareholder of Lesirane Estate a real estate company.

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