The Women in Business Association (WIBA) Botswana was formed in 1990 as an independent Non-Governmental Organization through the initiative of Business Botswana (formerly known as BOCCIM) and some few small-scale businesswomen. The concern was that, although women owned business in Botswana constituted about 75% of the Small & Micro businesses, those women had no forum where they could meet to share ideas and to tackle those problems that are unique to women and of course that inhibit the success of their enterprises. WIBA was officially registered as an NGO in December 2003.

At WIBA, Botswana business women come together for purposes of networking and dissemination of information. Our membership continues to grow phenomenally and our members cover almost all common sectors of the economy.



To inspire wealth creation and promote the participation of women in the economy through advocacy, training, mentoring and linkages.

Mission statement

Aims to serve its members with integrity, honesty, partiality, and fairness.
Demonstrates to the highest degree commitment to member’s business growth.
Promote great advocacy for members in Botswana


Hard work, responsibility and strong work ethic.

To inspire women to enter the growth oriented sectors and provide enabling environment


Our Goals

  • Increased participation of women in all sectors of the economy especially those sectors dominated by men
  • Adoption of specific laws that encourage women entry into business and support the sustainability of women-owned businesses
  • Increased input by women in economic decision making and business leadership in the country
  • Increased number of women counted among the wealthy elite in Botswana




  • Board of Directors 2014 - 2016
  • National Advisory Council 2014 -2016  – Corporate partners and Community partners
  • WIBA Steering Sub Committees – responsible for serving as the voice of all chapters being: communication, collaboration, strategic planning, fundraising and membership drive.


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